Interior house piping and plumbing repairing services (Toilet piping installtion and plumbing repair
When it comes to plumbing and piping services for household, Yu Lek provide piping installation, plumbing services and repiar pipes services from top the bottom, from inside out of the building/house to outside of the building/house. We are one of the best at interior house piping & plumbing repairing services such as sink piping and plumbing services toilet piping installtion and plumbing repairing services. We help on both Water supply system and
Drain-water vent system (DWV) for house plumbing. We help to repair drainage system prolems such as clogged, piping readjustment and reinstallment. We are also specialist in sink plumbing repairing services on clogged sink, readjustment and reinstallment of sink piping system. On top of that we help to repair water leaking water tap by fixing it or changing it. Our best work is on toilet plumbing services, we provide services on water heater piping installing, water pump installation and water pump piping installation, toilet bowl and toilet float ball/float value replacement + fixing, fixing + reparing leaking water tap & bathroom sink, bathroom/toielt plumbing services, installing water supply system throughout the bathroom with readjusting and reinstalling the piping system in the bathroom.

We provide our service throughout Selangor, Kuala Lumpur & areas within Klang Valley such as Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Cheras, Puchong. We have 20+ years of experience in plumbing and piping services such as reparing pipes, piping installation, plumbing services, water leaking, repair broken pipes, piping services for water tank, pipe installation from the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom/toilet such as sink clogged repairing, sink water tap leaking repair, bathroom piping, bathroom plumbing services, toilet bowl and toilet float ball/float value replacement + fixing.

We are determine to provide the best services alongside competitive prices with high quality and premium materials to fulfill our customer's requirements. Over the years, we have helped many homeowners & building with toilet and kitchen plumbing + piping problems and we have successfully fulfilled our customers' demands, we provide our services throughout klang valley, selangor, KL, Cheras, Puchong, PJ, PJU, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and etc.

Our customers are always satisfied with our as we provide the top of the line services with high quality materials at a reasonable price. Do contact us for any enquiries and to ask for quotation. Tel: 03-5121 9929. Our services are available from Monday until Saturday 8:30am–6pm.
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